K-5th Teachers

Mrs. Misty Beatty, Kindergarten


Mrs. Misty has been teaching 17 years and has spent 12 of those years at CCA. The Lord called her to CCA and she appreciates being surrounded by Christians. She is married to her husband, John, and they have two sons, Austin and Luke.  

Mrs. Christain Plunkett, 1st Grade ~


Mrs. Christain is in her 2nd year teaching at CCA, but this is her first year teaching 1st grade. When asked why she chose CCA this is what she said, "The mission of the school is to share God's love with others and teach children to follow God. As a Christian, I have been commanded to share Jesus Christ with others; as a teacher, I can't imagine a better place to do that. I get to do the two most important things in one place all while being with my own children." Mrs. Christain is thankful for the family like atmosphere and that her children are able to attend CCA where they are taught daily to love God more than anything else. She is married to her husband, Timothy, and they have Caden (7) and Peyton (4).

Mrs. Anissa Tonos, 2nd Grade


This is Mrs. Anissa's first year teaching at CCA as well as being her first teaching position. It was her children that brought her to CCA. She had been looking for the right place to send them and while she had a job already, she knew that in order to send them to CCA she would need to find a new job. God opened the door for her to become part of the CCA faculty. She is thankful that CCA has a Christ-centered atmosphere, that it feels like family, and that she gets to be on campus with her children. Mrs. Anissa said that "God filled a need that I didn't even know I had" and she gets to grow in her walk with the Lord as well. She is married to her husband, Robby, and they have Connor (17), Frankee (15), Wheeler (13), and Laura Drew (12) as well as furbabies Cassie and Oliver.


Mrs. Sandy Patterson, 3rd Grade


This is Mrs. Sandy's fifth year teaching third grade at CCA. She has taught for 38 years. She enjoys the small class sizes and parental involvement, but especially loves that she gets to talk about Jesus. She has been married to her husband, James, for 38 years. They have two daughters, Rae and Jala; one son-in-law, Kevin; and one granddaughter, Braelyn.



Mrs. Kelsie Morris, 4th Grade ~


This is Mrs. Kelsie's first year teaching at CCA, although she has been part of our family for much longer than that. She started attending CCA during her 9th grade year of high school and is a proud CCA graduate. She is thankful that she is in a place where she can hear Jesus' name on a daily basis. She is married to her husband, Chad, and they have two children. 3 dogs and 2 cats finish out the family.







Mrs. Clara Ray, 5th Grade


Mrs. Clara taught for 34 years in public school before joining CCA. She spent 2 years teaching Kindergarten and this is her 1st year teaching fifth grade. She knew it was God's timing when she came here. She loves being able to share God's word! She is married to her husband, Robert, and they have 3 sons, 1 daughter in law, and 1 grandson.


Mrs. Erika Bumgardner ~


This is her first year at CCA. She teaches elementary Music and Keyboarding, helps her husband, Bro. Nick, with P.E., and is our multimedia specialist. She counts it a huge blessing and an answered prayer to be at CCA with her entire family. Her husband teaches high school Bible, and their 4 children are very active in sports. She loves the Christian atmosphere and knowing that her children are being taught the most important thing in life- how to have a relationship with Christ. CCA has became a family to her and her family.





Mrs. Mary Wells


She is our elementary Art pull-out teacher. While this is her first year teaching in elementary, she taught middle-high school Art I/II and Bible in 2015. She loves the ministry of CCA and feels so privileged to be part of the school. She is thankful that she is able to teach children the basics of art as well as being able to pray with them and share the gospel. She became a Christian in 1984 and has been on a journey of learning to be Christ-like ever since. She went back to college at the age of 49 to work towards a degree in Art. She feels blessed to be able to use that training to serve the Lord! She and her husband, Charlie, have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Last updated, March 2017